Dark Fantasy
Book Title Author Year Published
Medusa's Web Powers, Tim 2016
Eleanor Gurley, Jason 2015
City of Light Arthur, Keri 2016
Blood of the Earth Hunter, Faith 2016
Marked in Flesh Bishop, Anne 2016
The Sight Neill, Chloe 2016
Unhonored Hickman, Tracy 2016
The Gunslinger King, Stephen 2003
Interview with the Vampire Rice, Anne 1976
I Am Legend Matheson, Richard 1995
The Historian Kostova, Elizabeth 2006
Uprooted Novik, Naomi 2015
Something Wicked This Way Comes Bradbury, Ray 1962
American Gods Gaimnan, Neil 2011
Prince of Thorns Lawrence, Mark 2011
The Warded Man Brett, Peter V. 2009