Detective/Police Procedural
Book Title Author Year Published
A Burial At Sea Finch, Charles 2011
A Death in the Small Hours Finch, Charles 2012
A Stranger in Mayfair Finch, Charles 2010
Among the Wicked Castillo, Linda 2016
An Old Betrayal Finch, Charles 2013
Another One Goes Tonight Lovesey, Peter 2016
Apprentice in Death Robb, J. D. 2016
Better Dead Collins, Max Allan 2016
Blind Sight O'Connell, Carol 2016
Boar Island Barr, Nevada 2016
Bryant and May and the Burning Man Fowler, Christopher 2016
Charcoal Joe Mosley, Walter 2016
City of the Lost Armstrong, Kelley 2016
Closed Casket Hannah, Sophie 2016
Death of a Nurse Beaton, M. C. 2016
Drive Time Ryan, Hank Phillippi 2016
Even the Dead Black, Benjamin 2016
Find Her Gardner, Lisa 2016
Forgive Me Palmer, Daniel 2016
A Great Reckoning Penny, Louise 2016
Hide Away Johansen, Iris 2016
Honky Tonk Samurai Lansdale, Joe R. 2016
I Am Your Judge Neuhaus, Nele 2016
I Let You Go Mackintosh, Clare 2016
Into Oblivion Indridason, Arnoldur 2016
The Kept Woman Slaughter, Karin 2016
Livia Lone Eisler, Barry 2016
Margaret Truman's Deadly Medicine Bain, Donald 2016
Missing Patterson, James 2016
Night and Day Johansen, Iris 2016
Night Watch Johansen, Iris 2016
Presumption of Guilt Mayor, Archer 2016
Private Paris Patterson, James 2016
Revenge in a Cold River Perry, Anne 2016
Robert B. Parker's Debt to Pay Coleman, Reed Farrel 2016
The Bitter Season Hoag, Tami 2016
The Doll's House Arlidge, M. J. 2016
The Fleet Street Murders Finch, Charles 2009
The Laws of Murder Finch, Charles 2014
The Mistletoe Murder James, P. D. 2016
The Moth Catcher Cleeves, Ann 2016
The Murder of Mary Russell King, Laurie R. 2016
The Plague of Thieves Affair Muller, Marcia 2016
The September Society Finch, Charles 2008
The Trespasser French, Tana 2016
A Time of Torment Connolly, John 2016
Treachery at Lancaster Gate Perry, Anne 2016
When the Music's Over Robinson, Peter 2016
ZigZag Pronzini, Bill 2016
Gone Again Grippando, James 2016