Book Title Author Year Published
Waves of Mercy Austin, Lynn N. 2016
A Treasure Concealed Peterson, Tracie 2016
The Artisan's Wife Miller, Judith 2016
A Beauty Refined Peterson, Tracie 2016
Beyond the Silence Peterson, Tracie 2016
Flirtation Walk Mitchell, Siri L. 2016
From This Moment Camden, Elizabeth 2016
Guide Me Home Sawyer, Kim Vogel 2016
The Heart Answers Coble, Colleen 2016
Honor  Redeemed Johnson, Christine 2016
A Love Transformed Peterson, Tracie 2016
Love's Rescue Johnson, Christine 2016
The Loyal Heart Gray, Shelley Shephard 2016
The Christmas Secret Brunstetter, Wanda E. 2016
The Cottage Phillips, Michael 2016
The Midwife's Dilemma Parr, Delia 2016
The Inheritance Phillips, Michael 2016
The Preacher's Lady Copeland, Lori 2016
This Road We Traveled Kirkpatrick, Jane 2016
To Love a Stranger Coble, Colleen 2016
Where Hope Prevails Oke, Janette 2016
Your Heart's Desire Carlson, Melody 2016
Redeeming Love Rivers, Francine 1997
The Proposal Wick, Lori 2002