Historical Fiction
Book Title Author Year Published
At the Edge of the Orchard Chevalier, Tracy 2016
Barkskins Proulx, Annie 2016
Cometh the Hour Archer, Jeffery 2016
Crossing the Horizon Notaro, Laurie 2016
Dictator Harris, Robert 2016
Everyone Brave is Forgiven Cleave, Chris 2016
Napoleon's Last Island Keneally, Thomas 2016
Sisi: Empress on Her Own Pataki, Allison 2016
The Girl in the Castle Montefiore, Santa 2016
The High Mountains of Portugal Martel, Yann 2016
Under the Influence Maynard, Joyce 2016
The Wonder Donoghue, Emma 2016
Fates and Traitors: a Novel of John Wilkes Booth Chiaverini, Jennifer 2016
The Hamilton Affair Cobbs, Elizabeth 2016
Belgravia Fellowes, Julian 2016
Homegoing Gyasi, Yaa 2016
The House At The Edge Of Night Banner, Catherine 2016
Monterey Bay Hatton, Lindsay 2016
Three Sisters, Three Queens Gregory, Phillippa 2016
Lilac Girls Kelly, Martha Hall 2016