love and romance

The Spy Who Loved Me: Romance Novels Featuring Stealthy Secret Agents
If you're a fan of James Bond, you're going to love these romantic tales. This collection features historical romances and modern trysts alike, with a selection of both stealthy men and women, sure to please everyone. If you've ever imagined yourself swept up in adventure with a dashing secret agent, be sure to check these books out!

Yin and Yang: Love Stories Featuring Polar Opposite Protagonists
Sometimes it's true that opposites attract, and these romantic stories prove it. Whether he's a bad boy from across the tracks or a dashing and devlish prince with too much money, these novels pair them up with their least likely counterparts to watch the unlikely romance blossom.

Two Is Better Than One: Romance Novels with Twins
Is this an incredibly niche subgenre? Possibly. Was this collection a lot of fun to compile? Definitely!
Twins are fun, everyone knows this. These books feature twin protagonists, twin love interests, and twin side characters, but twins nonetheless!