Romantic Suspense
Book Title Author Year Published
Because I'm Watching You Dodd, Christina 2016
Fatal Frenzy Force, Marie 2016
Fatal Scandal Force, Marie 2016
Her Darkest Nightmare Novak, Brenda 2016
How Secrets Die Perry, Marta 2016
Liar's Key Neggers, Carla 2016
Little Black Dress Patterson, James 2016
With Every Breath Banks, Maya 2016
$10,000,000 Marriage Proposal Patterson, James 2016
Bodyguard Linden, Jessica 2016
Flawless Graham, Heather 2016
Into the Fury Martin, Kat 2016
Into the Whirlwind Martin, Kat 2016
Kill Without Mercy Ivy, Alexandra 2015
Point Blank Michaels, Fern 2016