Spies/Political Thriller
Book Title Author Year Published
A Soldier's Revenge Dunn, Matthew 2016
Any Minute Now Lustbader, Eric 2016
Back Blast Greaney, Mark 2016
Blood Flag Martini, Steve 2016
Bullseye Patterson, James 2016
End Game Hagberg, David 2016
Fatal Thunder Bond, Larry 2016
First Strike Coes, Ben 2016
Ghost Sniper McEwan, Scott 2016
Hunted Patterson, James 2016
Liberty's Last Stand Coonts, Stephen 2016
Long Shot Coughlin, Jack 2016
Order to Kill Flynn, Vince 2016
The Bourne Enigma Van Lustbader, Eric 2016
The 14th Colony Berry, Steve 2016
The Art of War Coonts, Stephen 2016
The Fourth Horseman Hagberg, David 2016
The God's Eye View Eisler, Barry 2016
The House of Secrets Meltzer, Brad 2016
The Travelers Pavone, Chris 2016
The Unfortunate Englishman Lawton, John 2016
The Wolves Berenson, Alex 2016
Tom Clancy's Duty and Honor Blackwood, Grant 2016
Scorched Earth Galdorisi, George 2016
Treason Gingrich, Newt 2016
Hunt the Dragon Mann, Don 2016
Cold Barrel Zero Quirk, Matthew 2016