Book Title Author Year Published
Without Warning Eason, Lynette 2016
Always Watching Eason, Lynette 2016
Cold Shot Pettrey, Dani 2016
The Domino Effect Bunn, T. Davis 2016
If I Run Blackstock, Terri 2016
Mermaid Moon Coble, Colleen 2016
Murder Comes By Mail Gabhart, Ann H. 2016
Silence in the Dark Bradley, Patricia 2016
Sins of the Past Henderson Dee 2016
Sister Eve and the Blue Nun Hinton, Lynne 2016
Thin Ice Hannon, Irene 2016
Traces of Guilt Henderson Dee 2016
Tangled Webs Hannon, Irene 2016
The Negotiator Henderson, Dee 2001