Take Me Away Audiobooks
Do you wish you had the chance to skip town for a while, but don't have the time or budget to actually leave? Settle for the next best thing by enjoying one of these audiobooks, which all take place abroad.

Autumn Audiobooks
The crunch of leaves under your feet. The smell of bonfires on the wind. The rustle of branches overhead. What could possibly make the season of autumn better? A good audiobook! Check out one on this list and tuck into some apple cider while you enjoy!

Actors in Your Ears: Audiobooks Narrated by Hollywood's Finest
If there's anything better than a good book, it's that book being read to you by a talented celebrity. These books range from silly to sinister and you will enjoy every second that these actors bring them to life. Several audiobooks are available through our Download Destination so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your couch to enjoy!

From Their Lips to Your Ears: Audiobooks Read by Their Authors
According to the New York Times, "the author’s voice is even more essential to making the text not only intelligible but also meaningful." Take a spin with some of these audiobooks, read to you by their authors, and see if that's true! From memoirs to fantasy fiction, there is a wide range of audiobooks - some available for digital download! - to engage you for quite a while.

Summer Road Trip Playlist: Audiobooks Under 7 Hours
Nothing is better to beat the summer heat than a road trip! Whether it's a short drive to the Great Lakes or a cross-country adventure, you'll need something to fill all that silent time. Once you've exhausted your backlog of podcast episodes, why not pop in an audiobook? All the audiobooks in this collection are available through our Download Destination so you don't even need to remember to stop at the Library before you hit the road!