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Stress Less
In the 21st Century, avoiding stress can be very difficult. Work, school, family, and friends can all drain our energy. Hear what the experts have to say about managing stress and regaining your happiness in this collection.

Binge-worthy Lives: Celebrity Memoirs You Can’t Put Down
Memoirs give us a unique peak into the lives of people we don't know, which is even more fascinating when the author is someone we have seen or heard of without ever really knowing them. Reading these memoirs gives you the chance to go behind-the-scenes into the lives of athletes, comedians, and actors who tell you what it's really like in their shoes. These are all page-turners that you won't be able to put down until you're finished!

How to Adult: A Collection of Books to Help You Fake It Until You Make It
Let's face it: you can't Google every problem you have in life, no matter how many times you try. Coconut oil doesn't work for everything, does it? Can you always trust what your health insurance tells you? Should you call a plumber for that clogged drain, or is buying a snake going to solve your problems? These books give you those answers and many more to help you pretend you know what you're doing!

Laughing with You, Not at You: Humorous Memoirs
Everyone deals with awkward teenage years, a disappointing first kiss, and not living up to their parents' expectations. These writers take those parts of life and turn them into something positive: a memoir for you to laugh along with! Whether it's therapeutic or just comedic, enjoy these reads.

Could That Really Happen? Fiction Based on Real People
Sometimes novels about real people can go places where nonfiction can’t, and that’s especially true when it comes to biography. Fiction authors are able to fill in the gaps about what people were like, what they thought, and how they felt. Here’s a sampling a great novels about real people.