Science Fact & Fiction:  Aliens Among Us - Creatures of the Deep

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Haptoclinus dropi Credit: C.C. Baldwin, Smithsonian

It’s a vast, unexplored space… every time we look to it for answers, we find more questions… it’s crawling with creatures very different from us… it’s the deep ocean. More people have set foot on the moon than have been to the deepest, darkest parts of our own planet. Did you know that recently scientists have even discovered a new zone in the ocean? They call it the Rariphotic Zone. An expedition by Smithsonian scientists encountered a slew of strange, previously undiscovered species living within it. You can read more about it in this article by the Smithsonian:

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Humans have a fascination with what lurks in the deepest parts of the ocean. It’s deep. It’s dark. It’s terrifying. What little we have found and seen of this mysterious world shocks us. Colossal squid can reach 46 feet in length. That sounds impressive, but how about a giant, carnivorous shark that can reach 78 feet?! Megalodon was an apex predator of its time, feasting on whales and whatever it could find. With teeth measuring up to 7 inches, it had very little to fear. Their largest modern-day cousins pale in comparison, but still outsize humans several times over. The largest great white encountered to date is 20 feet in length! We’ve explored less than five percent of the ocean, so who knows what else is out there…

P.S. Sorry for your newfound thalassophobia.

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