LGBTuesdays: Super Late Bloomer
What do you get when a talented artist publishes a book of deeply personal comic strips documenting her adult transition? Super Late Bloomer, a funny, charming, and wholesome story that belongs on everyone's bookshelf!
Author Julia Kaye, most widely known for her webcomic Up and Out, has collected strips from her webcomic that relate to her transition journey in a succinct book form that is relatable to everyone who has made major life changes during adulthood. Cisgender and transgender people alike will find her art style charming and her anecdotes both educational as well as relatable.
If you're a fan of comics, memoirs, or coming-of-age stories, you need to pick this book up! The book isn't very long, but it tells a complete arc of life nicely within its pages. Learning about a transgender woman's experience is educational and allows a greater degree of empathy for people who might not know any transgender people themeselves. There are moments filled with great hope, moments filled with aching despair, and everything in between. You'll find yourself laughing, crying, and cheering Julia along the whole time. 

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