LGBTuesdays: Hearts Beat Loud
You may recall seeing a movie poster featuring Nick Offerman (of Parks and Rec fame) playing a guitar on a brightly-colored background, but never made it into the theaters to catch the limited release of Hearts Beat Loud. What lies underneath the surface of that technicolored cover is a touching movie about the power of family and music.

Hearts Beat Loud is a slice-of-life story centering around a young woman who is about to leave for college and her father who is about to close down his record store after faltering sales. The movie follows them both as they weight the choices ahead of them, how each will impact their relationships with those around them, and how music could give them a lifeline to stabilize their rocky lives. Both main characters are interesting and engaging, but their interactions with each other are the real draw of the film. The father-daughter relationship that we see on screen feels familiar and tangible.

Sam, the daughter about to leave Brooklyn to head to med school in California, is caught between her desire to become a doctor and her girlfriend in New York. Sam's relationship with her girlfriend, Rose, serves to show both a vulnerable side of Sam as well as how heavily the impact of her choices will affect her and those she loves. Sam being a lesbian is never a main plot point, which is very refreshing to see in a mainstream movie. Her sexuality is just stated as being what it is, she never has to come out of the closet or defend her relationship against anyone.

I don't remember the last time I saw a movie where an LGBT+ person was able to exist and have their sexuality be as casual and yet substantial as it is in Hearts Beat Loud. It was a wonderful thing to witness and I hope more writers and directors follow their lead with films in the future.

Hearts Beat Loud