LGBTuesdays: Bloom
When Troye Sivan entered the music scene in 2007 with his first EP, Dare to Dream, he had not yet made a name for himself as an actor through the X-Men: Wolverine and Spud movies and lacked the influental Youtube following he would later gain. 7 years later in 2014 he released his third EP, TRXYE, which solidified him as a serious musician when it peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The EP was released almost a year after publicly coming out as gay on his Youtube channel, and the following 4 years would see that identity shaping the music he released.

Bloom, Sivan's second studio album, can be seen as a celebration of queerness and queer love stories-both the heartbreaks as well as the triumphs. The album is stuffed full of fun, pop music that makes your whole body want to dance. There are features from big name artists like Ariana Grande and the album is on the short end of the pop spectrum, coming in at a little under 40 minutes total. Keeping the album short was a smart move for Sivan; the audience is left wanting to hear more from the artist rather than bored after an hour of mediocre music shoved on the end of the album as some musicians are wont to do to increase play time.

Overall, this album speaks greatly to the queer experience, specifically to gay men and their relationships, and offers a fun, pop background to these themes. You can check out the album from the library
by clicking the album cover below:

Bloom by Troye Sivan