Media of the Month: Love Stinks (Yeah, yeah)
Lets face it- Valentine's day decor has been up since December. All of this pink warmhearted fluffy crap you don't need and heart shaped chocolates has been haunting us ever since. There is no escaping it, but at least we're in it together! Some people even call it "single's awareness day". In recent years, "GALentine's Day" and "PALentine's Day" have been created so friends can also get in on celebrating this holiday together. No significant other required. So for all of us that might be feeling a little bitter, or for any of us who wants a good laugh this time of the year, this month's media is focused on movies that are great to watch after a breakup! 

The Other Woman How to Be Single Table 19
The First Wives Club Crazy Stupid Love Bad Moms
Hitch Forgetting Sarah Marshall 500 Days of Summer