LGBTuesdays: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour
“I was afraid of my loneliness. And how I’d been tricked. And the way I’d convinced myself of so much: that I wasn’t sad, that I wasn’t alone.”

We Are Okay is an incredibly sorrowful and deeply moving coming-of-age story featuring a lesbian protagonist navigating a tumultuous revelation in her life just as she sets off on her own for college. Unlike many coming-of-age stories, the tragedy in her life does not center around her sexual identity; it is a piece of her life, but not a central plot point. Although LaCour centers the plot around one specific tragedy, the sadness, heartbreak, and loneliness she conveys in the story are universal feelings that all readers can relate to. Avid readers will appreciate the uses of symbolism throughout the text that tie in with the protagonist‘s own struggles and emotions, but even those unfamiliar with all the novels mentioned will appreciate the atory nonetheless. If you’re looking for a short, evocative story that is driven by character rather than plot, with a lesbian protagonist, you will love We Are Okay. Check it out from the Library by clicking the cover below:

We are Okay