Ancestry Library Edition: Everything You Need to Know

Auburn Hills Public Library has a new resource that uses technology to make tracing family trees easier. Ancestry Library Edition allows you to start exploring your roots by searching a surname. Anyone can come into the library to dig into Ancestry Library Edition’s millions of records – as far back as the 1400s.

The library is responding to a growing interest in family history that’s captured not only Auburn Hills but America as a whole. We previously had a very successful genealogy program featuring a professor from Oakland University and anticipate high usage for this new service.

Ancestry Library Edition is available on the library’s main floor computers only (you cannot access it from home). Once connected to Ancestry Library Edition, you’ll find a friendly opening screen that asks for the name of the person to be searched.  Key in the name, click on “Search” and Ancestry Library Edition scans its vast selection of U.S. federal and state census data, birth, marriage, and death records, military records, Social Security death records, and immigration lists. It also includes an extensive collection of information from the U.K., including images census records and civil registrations. Additionally, probate records dating back to the 1500s are included from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The information you find are pieces of a puzzle that you’ll assemble. These records have “clues” to the past – places where ancestors lived, names of relatives, birth or death dates, etc – that lead to more information. Names can be added to form the “tree” or searched to find more clues.  

Genealogy is a wonderful hobby for anyone who wants to know more about where they came from and we’re delighted to provide resources that are simple enough for beginners, yet provide deep and broad content sets that will help veteran genealogists advance their research.

An in-depth user guide for Ancestry Library Edition can be found here.