LGBTuesdays: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is not the name you'd imagine for a show that centers around feminism, healthy sexuality, mental health, and diversity. Yet, this show proves that you should never judge a show by its title, as the premise focuses not on how women are "crazy" but instead on how that stereotype often misrepresents both mental health issues as well as dysfunctional relationships. On top of all of these positives is the reason you clicked this blog post: the LGBT content. 
Rebecca, the show's main character, is a straight, cis woman. Her boss, Daryl Whitefeather, is a caring father whose marriage ends in a divorce. This divorce leads him to look at the possibility of dating another person and he becomes confused when he notices that he's attracted to another man. Through the joy of song, he expresses his concerns that he might be gay, and eventually realizes that he is actually bisexual. The show does a wonderful job representing the fact that there are gay people who do have children with partners of the opposite sex before realizing they're gay, but that bisexuality isn't just a pitstop on the road to "really" coming out. 
Daryl has a wonderful character arc and his excitement about his sexuality is infectious as well as educational for LGBT and non-LGBT people alike. The show also features other bisexual characters, but giving them away would spoil the delightful surprise when you watch the show for yourself. If you like catchy songs or positive bisexual representation, you should definitely give this show a shot.

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