12 Books to Read While You're Waiting for Black Panther's DVD Release

Black Panther rocked the cinematic world with its depiction of T'challa (the King of Wakanda and also the Black Panther) and his world. Many people who had never seen themselves adequately represented on the big screen were able to explore the fictional world of Wakanda, full of futuristic technology and diverse people. While you're waiting for the DVD release of Black Panther so you can binge watch it daily, here are some book recommendations to fill the Afrofuturistic hole in your heart!

These books are available through our catalog here, and some titles can be downloaded digitally through Download Destination here!

Book covers of "Dark Matter" "Dhalgren" and "Lilith's Brood"

Book covers of "Binti" "The Fifth Season" and "Blood of the Colony"

Book covers of "Zarah the Wanderer" "An Unkindnes of Ghosts" and "Who Fears Death"

Book covers of "The Parable of the Sower" "Akata Witch" and "Midnight Robber"