LGBTuesdays - Yuri!!! On Ice
This Tuesday we’re going to shift focus from books to a TV series, specifically an anime series which first aired back in 2016, Yuri!!! On Ice. We have two copies of this series, one Blu-Ray copy and one DVD copy. The DVD is currently housed with our New materials in the Reading Room across from the main entrance, but the Blu-Ray copy is with the Animedia collection in the Adult department.DVD Cover of Yuri!!! on Ice

This is a sports anime about male figure skaters and their competition to see who can win the Grand Prix, as well as a romance story between the two main characters. It’s a perfect story for anyone who wasn’t ready to let go of the excitement of the Winter Olympics, or who followed some of its queer competitors, like Adam Rippon, on social media.
In fact, some of the figure skating competitors in the Winter Olympics performed to music from the show and Yuri!!! On Ice was well praised by the professional figure skating community when it first aired. The story opens to 23-year-old Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki just as he loses the Grand Prix Final. Distraught about his loss and unsure on his future as a figure skater, he returns home to sort things out.
Screencap of Yuri!!! On Ice, showing the main character Yuri Katsuki
After Yuri mimics a routine from his idol - Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov - which is then accidentally uploaded online, an impressed Victor decides to retire from figure skating and fly to Japan in order to become Yuri’s coach. As the story progresses Yuri and Victor become closer and a romance between the two of them beings to form. However, this series is much more focused on the figure skating routines than the romance between the two main characters and their romance can come off as underdeveloped compared to the rest of the story. The romance between the two leads left me wanting more. It felt as though it wanted to have the gay romance, but didn’t want to address it explicitly, which is an unfortunate trope.
Screencap of episode 7 of Yuri!!! On Ice, showing Viktor and Yuri locked in an embrace and possible kiss
That being said, Yuri!!! On Ice is a charming story with a large cast of interesting characters and it can be very exciting to watch the competition. As someone unfamiliar with figure skating, I was still sucked in to the competition due to the interesting writing and excellent animation. Be sure to check it out if you’re craving binging a queer anime series! You can find it in our online catalog here!

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