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Actors in Your Ears: Teen Literature Read by Hollywood's Finest
You may never be best friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda, but you can listen to him read an amazing book to you for several hours on end! This collection features folks like Christina Ricca, Milo Ventimiglia and Anne Hathaway reading spectacular stories you're sure to love. You might not even have to leave the comfort of home, some titles are available through Download Destination!

Listening to the Past: Classic Young Adult Literature Adapted for Audiobook
They're classics for a reason. Some books have been passed down through the generations because of their thrilling tales or sage advice. This collection features classics like Treasure Island and newer gems like The House on Mango Street, all beautifully read to you. No matter what your age or taste, there will be a classic for you in here!

The Best Teen Audiobooks for Your Summer Road Trip: Audiobooks under 7 hours, Available to Download
Whether it's a trip to the beach or a cross-country adventure, the one thing that makes a road trip special is the stress-free time on the road! Hang out with the people you like and enjoy one of these audiobooks - all under 7 hours, perfect for the drive to Lake Michigan and back. These audiobooks are also all available in our Download Destination so you don't need to remind yourself to stop at the Library before your trip!

Which Audiobook Should You Check Out Based on Your Zodiac Sign
While you may not buy into astrology as a whole, it's fun to see recommendations tailored to you (or at least to everyone born at the same time of the year as you). Plug in your headphones and enjoy one of these audiobooks, available through CDs or to download!