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Before Bond
Spies have been around for as long as armies have existed and since then they have fascinated us. The mystery, the intrigue, and the suave associated with this profession is dazzling us to this day. Pick up one of the books in this list to delve into an action-packed secret agent adventure!

War: What Is It Good For? Historical Fiction Set During World War 2
All wars shaped the landscape of the world at that time. World War 2 had a lasting impact on the social and political climate that lasts to this day. This collection narrates those events from the perspective of multiple different young adults across the globe during the world wars and the Vietnam War. From a Russian aristocrat to a pair of traveling Romani brothers, read how these fictional lives were impacted by the wars of their time.

Royal Rulers: Nearly-True Tales of Princesses and Power
Life is hard enough as a teenager, but unimaginably harder when you are the heir to the throne. This collection spans from ancient Egypt through to the twentieth century, taking a peek behind the fictitious curtain to reveal what life may have been like for these young rulers.

For Everyone Who Had an American Girl Doll: North American-Centered Historical Fiction
Were you more of a Molly or a Felicity? Did Josephina inspire you to make Mexican hot chocolate? For many children in the early 2000s, American Girl Dolls were a right of passage. If they inspired a love of American history in you, take a look at these books and keep that love alive!