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Not in Kansas Anymore: Paranormal Tales to Pique Your Palette
From the ganster-ridden streets of New York City to the quiet library of an elderly lady, there is something in these settings that is not quite normal. Discover mermaids, witches, vampires, and more within this teen collection. They are sure to spark the magic inside you and make you second-guess your seemingly normal surroundings!

Move Over Hogwarts: 10 Magical Schools You'll Wish You Attended
High school can be a drag, but it would definitely be improved with a little magic! This collection features stories of witches, wizards, vampires, and magicians who attend schools full of magical people and creatures. Most of the collection is available on Download Destination so you don't need to leave your cosy couch to dive into these fun stories!

Dudes with Daggers: Teen Sci-Fi and Fantasy with Male Protagonists
Since the tales of King Arthur, there have always been stories about brave knights in the fantasy genre. Take a step beyond that to read about assassins, wizards, and princes who also know how to fight for what they believe in! These adventures are sure to sweep you away to lands where swordfights are more common than Starbucks.