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Until Divorce Do You Part: Novels Featuring Children of Divorce
Being a teenager can be challenging enough, but when you're also a child of divorce things get even more complicated. This collection follows the lives of several of those teens to discover how they deal with newly separated parents, parents who are remarrying, step-families, and more.

Not by the Color of Their Skin: Teen Novels that Tackle Racism
What do the Mexican son of an immigrant, the black daughter of a G.I., and the Muslim refugee from Afghanistan all have in common? They are all the subjects of racism, and of this collection of books. Explore this topic from a variety of perspectives, each offering a unique look into this problem and the people who are hurt by it. If you can't wait to head to the library, check out the books available on Download Destination!

It's Not All In Your Head: Teen Stories Featuring Mental Illness 
Being a teenager is difficult enough as it is, but when you're also facing mental illness that difficulty can be made even worse. Alongside therapy and a support system, reading about characters who are going through the same problems as you can be comforting. These books portray characters with depression, anxiety, psychosis, and more. Whether you've been diagnosed with mental illness yourself or just want a better grasp on them, these books are for you!

Immigrants Get the Job Done
Immigrants and their descendants are the heart of America. This collection features first and second-generation immigrants and their lives as they explore their dual identities combining their heritage and their new homeland.